Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hello & Goodbye

Hello Bloggers!

So I know I have been very absent of late but this is due to the fact that I really haven't had anything to moan about :-)
I have also decided to move to the blogging world of "Tumblr". It isn't as straight forward as Blogspot but is more connected. Posts that I do on there (if I choose for them to) will appear straight on my twitter as a new "tweet" or on facebook as a new "status" from me. I will however be keeping this blog for all the 'Emo' days that I don't wish to share with people. I have always felt that this blog is more of a personal diary as barely anyone on here actually knows me.
On Tumblr I've already had some of my students find me & to them I'm happy Miss Danika so wouldn't want to scare them :-)

So here it is: come join the party, follow me, I'll follow you etc etc...
My Blog is called: 'Vivere e Imparare' which is Italian and roughly translates to "Live and Learn"

Anywayz, all that aside I had a GREAT christmas! I got very spoilt (as I do every year) and had a wonderful day with my gorgeous family who in any situation have been and always will be able to make me smile.
Happy Holidays to you all, and sending love and blessings for 2011


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

a work in progress...

It's called "The Passage"
I only finished it today and I've got until the 18th of December to perfect it!
There are a couple of parts I don't love, and obviously it will have a lot more emotion when I perform it, but it's a good start
(I think)

Sunday, 14 November 2010


I'm at the most annoying level of sickness right now!
Not sick enough to stay home from work, but sick enough to feel like absolute crap while I'm at work!
Ergghhh dreading this afternoon :-(

The Concert is in less than 2 weeks now, trying to remain as stress free as I possibly can!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

Hairdresser on the 25th and I've decided NOT to go ahead with the dreaded chop! I'm going to persevere a little longer!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Chop Chop Chop

So my hairdresser has been telling me for months now that the only way to grow my hair is to cut off all the dead bits & start fresh, however I keep persisting that I would rather just buy all the necessary products for damaged hair. Although the products have made a HUGE difference in the health of my hair & for anyone reading who's at all interested I completely recommended the REDKEN EXTREME range, it's still not as strong as it should be, and it's been stuck at the same length for months now. I think it's due to the fact my hair is very fine and often takes longer to grow combined with the whole damaged thing, but regardless it may just be time to go ahead with the dreaded chop and start over (with healthier locks).
I've got 3 weeks until I'm due back at the hairdresser so I don't have to make the decision over night.
Here are some images of inspiration for what I may decide to go with.

Sandra Bullock

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Summer Lovin!

I'm so very excited for summer :-)
Let me tell you, you never fully appreciate how AMAZING Australian summer is until you live in the U.K... I will appreciate it so much more for the rest of my life!
It's not just the weather I'm excited about. This summer is going to be jam packed full of fun.
Moving back to Sydney
Christmas at the Luhrmann's
New Years at the Luhrmann's
Australia Day at Big Day Out
and scheduled visits to the Gold Coast and Hobart in between all that.

Making Waves
Making Waves
Making Waves

As good as it gets (At the moment)

Fairly chilled weekend...
Taught 8am till 5pm Saturday which was unusually fun. Had some really good classes and am working on some contemporary pieces that I LOVE so I get quite enthusiastic doing those classes.
Saturday night was very chilled out I had a Sex and the City Marathon and ate my ice-cream with strawberries and MnM's as pictured a few blogs previous.

Today I was Lil miss house wife 3 loads of washing and ironing and started a bit of a craft project (will show the finished product when it's done). Also popped myself in the kitchen for a bit of cooking (second time this week).
Today I cooked my Bolognase pasta bake... See pictures below!

I sat down and enjoyed a rather large glass of red with this and it went down a treat!
Now off to read my latest Harpers Bazaar and then tuck myself into bed...
Bring on the next week, I'm on a serious countdown now!